Gary Ellis will retire after 28 years of service and leadership at Riverton.

Serving in the capacity of Executive Director of Riverton Community Housing since 1991, Gary Ellis has announced his retirement from the position effective on February 1, 2020.  During Gary’s tenure Riverton has expanded from a single 127 unit building, The Chateau on 13th Ave. SE in the Dinkytown area of the University of Minnesota, to seven multi-unit residential facilities, managed by a professional staff. 

As a premiere network of student housing cooperatives in North America, Riverton has a strong record of teaching and leading college students toward the housing cooperative model.  As a nonprofit, Riverton provides both a hands on educational experience for student leaders, and a financial model that offers attractive rental rates in well-maintained properties. 

Under Gary’s leadership, Riverton has grown to a $50 million enterprise, with extremely low vacancy rates, housing students in the Dinkytown, Seward, Marcy Holmes, and Southeast Como neighborhoods of Minneapolis.  During his tenure, Riverton acquired the Marcy Park (1995), Marshall (1999), Franklin (2000), Cole (2002), and the 4th Street (2005) properties.  In 2014 Riverton constructed and opened a new residential living complex at the 4th Street site, and in 2019 completed construction of the 95 unit Brook Avenue Co-op, bringing the total number of units today to 578. 

As the Executive Director, Gary has been instrumental in the full realization of the mission of Riverton Community Housing:  To develop and maintain quality student-oriented housing communities operating on a nonprofit, democratic basis.