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Welcome to our online application process. Please check Current Availabilities or call us at 612-919-4357 to make sure the apartment you are applying for is still available. Once you’ve done so, follow these easy steps:

1: Have you selected your apartment and paid the security deposit?

If NO, please call our Leasing Coordinator at 612-919-4357 and they'll assist you.
If YES, please skip to #3 below.

2: Are you moving in as a new roommate on an existing lease?

If NO, call our office for further help at 612-331-3911 or email us at
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3: You can now apply to be a resident! Click on the correct property below to apply online:

Cole Townhomes

Chateau Co-op

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Marshall Co-op

Fourth Street Co-op

Franklin Co-op

If you have any questions, please call our office at 612-331-3911. Thank you!