Executive Director

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Executive Director of Riverton Community Housing



The Executive Director is responsible for the successful overall management and operation of Riverton Community Housing (RCH) in accordance with its core mission and values, to include strategic planning, board relations, financial operations, human resources, leadership, supervision, managing daily operations, contracts and compliance, public relations, co-op governance support and other responsibilities related to effectively managing RCH property and operations.

This position is open due to the retirement of Gary Ellis. Under Gary’s leadership, Riverton has grown from a single 127-unit building to a $50 million enterprise of seven co-op communities.



Strategic planning:

  • Take a lead role with the Board in proposing and/or developing current and long term organizational goals and objectives as well as policies and procedures for RCH operations.
  • Create and implement action plans to achieve goals and ensure RCH’s long term stability, organizational innovation and efficiency.
  • Develop and implement policies to ensure strategic objectives are met.
  • Ensure implementation of policies and programs to achieve optimum results.

Board relations: Create and maintain a strong and effective working relationship with the Board to ensure organizational objectives are met.

  • Work with the Board to:
    • Develop and implement strategic plan in accordance with the RCH mission and values.
    • Ensure the fiscal accountability of the organization.
  • Identify, assess, and inform the Board of Directors of internal and external issues that affect RCH.
    • Provide and effectively explain RCH financial statements.
    • Communicate any staff issues requiring Board assistance.
  • Serve as a professional advisor and resource to the Board of Director on all aspects of the organization's activities.
  • Assist the Board President in planning and organizing monthly Board meetings, ensure Board members are provided the financial and other information necessary for successful and productive meetings.
  • Work with the Board to identify and select qualified Board members.
  • Manage miscellaneous projects and complete various tasks as needed to effectively operate RHC and as requested by the Board of Directors.

Financial operations: Oversee all accounting functions including those necessary for auditing, budgeting, financial analysis, capital asset and property management and payroll.

  • Work with leadership team to create and monitor operating budgets for Riverton and each co-op property site.
  • Prepare annual budgets and capital improvement budgets and submit to Board for approval.
    • Evaluate the condition of the physical buildings, taking into consideration the length of life of buildings, roof, air conditioning, boilers and other physical aspects for short and long term budgeting purposes.
  • Monitor and analyze monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports.
  • Oversee the day-to-day accounting activities, to include: signing checks, evaluating and authorizing expenditures, payroll review, etc.
  • Address and resolve financial issues and questions on an on-going basis as well as for reports, annual audits, board communication, etc.
  • Interpret and explain budget considerations to the Board and to co-op members.
  • Sustain high occupancy rates in all properties.

Leadership, human resources, supervision and employee development: Responsible for all aspects of human resource management.

  • Oversee the human resource-related activities of all staff, including: legal compliance, employment, benefits, compensation, payroll, policies and procedures, employee handbook, performance management, job descriptions, employee relations, disciplinary action, and other employee-related activities.
  • Organize staff duties and responsibilities to fulfill the mission and strategic plan.
  • Create a positive, engaging work culture.
  • Directly hire and supervise RCH senior staff.
  • Provide leadership to all staff and work direction to staff as appropriate.
  • Ensure staff has the qualifications, education, training and skills to effectively achieve RCH goals.
  • Oversee work plans and development plans for all employees in alignment with RCH budget and operating needs.

Daily operations: Ensure the proper management and maintenance or RCH property and assets.

  • Monitor the performance of each co-op and RCH, and take steps to maximize the efficiency of each property.

  • Oversee and coordinate all activities to ensure staff is appropriately handling housing occupancy and building/facility maintenance activities.

    • Oversee activities to ensure maximum occupancy.

    • Oversee activities to ensure proper upkeep and maintenance of all RCH premises.

  • Perform day-to-day operational tasks necessary to the smooth running of the organization.

  • Perform special projects and other research and other related activities.

Legal and regulatory contracts and compliance: Protect RCH’s legal interests and ensure that the legal obligations of RCH are achieved.

  • Stay current on all legal and regulatory issues and national trends relating to property management, housing laws, city and other regulations, fees, inspection requirements, etc.

  • Effectively manage relationships with city and state governmental agencies, inspectors, financial agents, and ensure that RCH and each property is in compliance with all statutory and contractual requirements.

  • Stay current on related financial and employment laws and practices.

  • Review, analyze, administer and negotiate all contracts for vendors, services, repairs, construction, etc. to include: monitor progress of agreements, maintain agreement documentation and ensure fulfillment of agreement terms.

Public relations:

  • Act as spokesperson for RCH with the media and serve as primary representative of the organization.

  • Develop strong, long-lasting relationships with community associations and leaders, to include connecting with local, city and state council representatives.

  • With the Director of Housing, maintain involvement and visibility within the local communities, to include attending local meetings and events.

  • Oversee the marketing activities of the RCH housing sites.

Co-op governance management and support:

  • Ensure that all RCH interactions with the co-op properties focus on the organization’s mission to build community.

  • Educate co-op boards regarding RCH’s mission and values and how to effectively govern the co-op and serve its residents.

  • Ensure that management is servicing, guiding and supporting the needs of each co-op board related to operations, maintenance, finances, etc.



The Executive Director reports to the President of the Board of Directors. Positions reporting to the Executive Director are Accountant, Director of Property Management and Director of Facilities and Maintenance.



  • B.A. or B.S. degree in business or related field; Masters Degree preferred.

  • 5 or more years of experience in property management or related experience.

  • Experience working with cooperative housing preferred; experience with governance approach to property management.

  • Experience working with co-op form of business and ownership preferred.

  • 5 or more years senior management/supervisory experience.

  • Experience working with volunteer boards and committees.

  • Experience in developing, monitoring and evaluating intricate organizational budgets.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Exceptional leadership, management, supervisory and motivational skills; functions well as part of the leadership team.

  • Able to work with and support board of directors.

  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of nonprofit organizations operations and administrative management.

  • Able to supervise employees, set objectives, give direction, delegate to, motivate employees and create team-oriented workplace.

  • Intelligent and articulate individual who can relate to people at all levels of an organization; excellent written and verbal communication skills, including public speaking skills to be effective and persuasive in presenting RCH and its mission to various government agencies and the public.

  • Able to work and communicate successfully with a diverse population and build an environment of equity and inclusion in all matters.

  • Strong administrative, operations and organization skills.

  • Strong mathematical and quantitative ability and experience with accounting/finance to create, analyze and manage budget, financial statements and projections.

  • Possess critical, analytical thinking to synthesize complex information and identify, evaluate, problem solve and give direction regarding problem resolution for individual and organization-wide issues.

  • Excellent negotiation skills with experience in contracts.

  • Knowledge of the physical/construction aspects of buildings and facilities.

  • Able to read, analyze, and interpret the most complex documents.

  • Possess thorough, organized and detail-oriented approach to work.

  • Collaboration, networking and relationship-building skills.

  • Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.



The salary range for the position is $140,000-160,000 and includes participation in the organization’s benefits plan including participation in a SEP pension plan.