Leasing/Marketing and Community Engagement Manager


The Leasing/Marketing and Community Engagement Manager is responsible for maintaining maximum occupancy at Riverton’s seven properties and ensuring that all sales, marketing, communications and leasing activities result in achieving Riverton’s occupancy goals.


In addition, this person is responsible for enhancing member engagement and expanding opportunities for co-op members by identifying and addressing educational needs that enable members to conduct the business of the cooperative effectively, strengthen their leadership and problem-solving skills, and meet the objectives of building a sense of community within the cooperative.


Responsibilities include: facilitating activities and teaching skills designed to foster leadership and community engagement among members of the cooperatives and their boards assuring that the communities operate on a democratic basis that adheres to sound property management principles and the cooperative’s operating legal documents while fostering the growth of strong communities.


This position is comprised of three primary areas of responsibility: Leasing, Marketing and Member Services. All require extensive contact with the public, with prospective and current members, as well as working with Riverton staff. This position works as part of a team to maximize occupancy and member satisfaction through effective communications and marketing, both internally and externally, with the goal of meeting Riverton’s mission of affordable, quality housing run on a democratic basis.



  1. Leasing
    1. Develop leasing strategies
      • Lead the development of an effective and innovative sales strategy tailored to each property and RCH as a whole
      • Stay current as an expert resource on all RCH properties as well as on all terms of RCH leases
      • Keep informed of comparable rents and leasing practices through building relationships with other, local management companies
      • Conduct Market Comparable Surveys quarterly to provide team with information regarding rental strategies and market rents
      • Utilize PropertyWare to develop, track, analyze and report metrics related to marketing and leasing activities and occupancy
      • Constantly assess curb appeal of properties and recommendations any necessary improvements to the Director of Property Management or Facilities Manager


  1. Marketing and Communications
    1. Develop marketing and communication strategies
      • Create an Annual Marketing Plan and related budget for submission to the Director of Property Management and Executive Director for review, revision and approval
      • Create new creative advertising methods and work collaboratively with Riverton staff to set the tone for member communications
      • Assure positive U of M Housing Fair, Off-Campus Housing and other surrounding university presence and other promotional activities for all properties.
      • Develop and maintain relationships with local community members – business owners, neighborhood associations, university staff/faculty, etc.
    2. Implement strategies
      • Implement plan, ensure that all marketing and leasing activities support RCH strategies, to assure optimum level of occupancy for all properties and spread the Riverton brand
      • Coordinate the design of all advertising, publications, housing fair presence and other promotional activities for all communities
      • Implement a strategic, web-based marketing program using social media, the RCH website, and other cutting edge options
      • Develop and implement a print campaign including effective and high quality brochures and other collateral materials
      • Provide material and design input for Riverton Annual Report and other promotional materials.
      • Collaborate with Riverton staff and stakeholders to create a quarterly newsletter
    3. Perform ongoing marketing activities
      • Assure that the Riverton website is fully functional and content is current
      • Maintain updated print, online and mobile advertising
      • Establish and maintain up-to-date bulletin boards, social networking, website and other means of communication for each cooperative.
      • Spearhead, administer and analyze annual Member Satisfaction Survey. Use current and past year’s results to make recommendations to improve conditions for current and future residents.
      • Track expenditures and ensure that marketing and related expenditures are within budget


  1. Cooperative Board Education and Support
    1. Develop meaningful, trust-based relationships with members within the 7 Riverton co-ops
    2. Lead in the education of co-op boards regarding RCH’s mission and values and how to effectively govern the co-op and serve its residents
    3. Serve as a resource to the Boards of Directors and committees to ensure consistent and accurate information is available for decision-making
    4. Work with staff and cooperative boards on an ongoing basis to develop policies and guidelines for the use of the buildings and grounds
    5. Collaborate with Community Managers to identify and arrange board training opportunities to improve cooperative board functions, duties and business practices. This includes but is not limited to member orientation, officer training, board development training, retreats, special workshops and member recognition
    6. As appropriate, seek funding or other necessary resources to support Co-op Board educational programs
    7. Participate in ensuring that Board members are receiving adequate levels of support from RCH staff and ensure that member activities are efficiently advertised and made available to all members


  1. Cooperative Board Membership
    1. Assist the Community Managers and cooperative Boards in recruiting, orienting and supporting Board members who represent and/or serve the diverse membership of the cooperatives
    2. Assist  the Community Managers and Boards in recruiting new co-op board members, applying various techniques including member questionnaires and member contacts to identify prospective Board candidates
    3. Attend Annual Membership meetings with Community Managers and a minimum of quarterly Co-Op Board meetings


  1. Cooperative Board Activities and Events
    1. Assist Community Managers as necessary to ensure up-to-date bulletin boards, social networking and other means of communication for each cooperative, to include resources on governance, policies, and cooperative background information
    2. Assist in coordination with Community Managers and co-op boards in organizing social events (i.e. barbecues, movie nights, gardening activities, etc.). Attend events as appropriate
    3. Coordinate co-op board member attendance at NASCO conference in Ann Arbor and other local training opportunities
    4. Act as a resource for educating co-op members and Riverton staff about the history and theory of the cooperative movement and relevant social issues with a prominent focus of using an equity lens
    5. Participate in the formation of a network of other cooperative organizations to share information and resources that mutually benefit the Riverton co-op organizations


  1. Riverton Activities
    1. Serve as staff support for the Riverton Stakeholder Committee
    2. Attend Riverton Board meetings, as requested
    3. Manage the overall member experience from initial application to alumni status