Maintenance Technician | Riverton

Maintenance Technician


The Maintenance Technician is responsible for:

  1. completion of work orders
  2. general maintenance in non-apartment areas of buildings and grounds
  3. maintenance, operation and repair of boilers, machinery and equipment to ensure that physical plant operations continue without interruption and with minimum servicing requirements
  4. compliance with safety requirements and governmental regulations
  5. maintenance and organization of inventory, and
  6. maintenance and organization of written records and files
  7. performing on-call emergency maintenance on a rotating basis
  8. representing Riverton in a positive, professional manner



  1. Work Orders:  Complete work orders including but not limited to: unclogging drains and toilets, replacing parts in sinks, toilets, tubs, and appliances; lock and key work; closet and cabinet repair; light electrical; carpet repair; heating and air-conditioning problems; carpet shampooing; window cleaning and repair; sheet-rock repair; and general cleaning.
    1. Complete each work order in a prompt and professional manner, with minimal inconvenience to the resident(s), and always leaving the work area neat and tidy. 
    2. Work orders should be responded to within 24 hours after receipt of the order, or, with exceptions, within a justifiably reasonable time period.  Emergencies must be handled immediately.
    3. Prioritize work orders so that urgent requests are handled first.
    4. Ensure that a signed and dated “yellow tag” is left on the doorknob of every unoccupied apartment that is entered in response to a work order.
    5. Record action taken, labor time and any material costs on work orders so that, if necessary, residents can be charged for repairs.
    6. Report work in a manner that does not compromise the safety of the residents or the security of the apartment contents.


  1. Boilers, Machinery, and Equipment
    1. Check, operate, repair, and maintain all boilers, machinery, and equipment such that the buildings’ physical plants operate without interruption.
    2. Schedule and coordinate certain work of other maintenance technicians/maintenance contractors upon the direction of the supervisor.
    3. Work on preventative maintenance projects and emergency maintenance as required.
    4. Perform critical functions such as, but not limited to:
      • act as Fire Safety Engineer
      • reset the fire and smoke alarm systems;
      • know how and where to shut off gas supply lines; and
      • know how and where to shut down circuit breakers.


  1. General Maintenance in Non-Apartment Areas
    1. Actively seek to identify maintenance needs (such as sheetrock repair, painting, etc.) in hallways and in other common areas and carry out the work required to accomplish the finished result.
    2. Replace florescent and exit lights and exterior and garage lights as soon as needed.
    3. Ensure that the trash chute is cleaned at least once every two weeks.
    4. Assist with cleaning the garage at least annually.
    5. Move dumpsters to loading dock on trash days.


  1. Safety Requirements and Government Regulations
    1. Ensure that all safety requirements with respect to the handling of hazardous chemicals, tools, and machinery are met.
    2. Ensure the safety of all persons in and around Riverton properties by repairing, replacing, or securing any danger areas.  Report existing and potential hazards to the supervisor.
    3. Coordinate required inspections of operations and equipment.


  1. Inventory, Ordering and Purchasing
    1. Keep all maintenance storage, machinery, and work areas clean and organized.  Store carpet so that it is safe from water damage.
    2. Use good judgment and conform to all safety regulations concerning the storage of flammable and hazardous materials and the disposal of hazardous wastes.
    3. Arrange for the removal of discarded or abandoned items that are too large for the dumpsters.  Avoid using the back plaza as a storage area for discards.
    4. Check maintenance and custodial supplies and parts regularly.  Prepare a written list of items to be ordered and review with the supervisor.  Do not allow regularly inventoried items to become depleted.
    5. Contact suppliers, when necessary, to compare supplies.
    6. Order and purchase supplies and parts with the approval of the supervisor.  Always use a purchase order number and identify which Riverton property will be using the items.


  1. Written Records and Files
    1. Coordinate with the Supervisor/Engineer to maintain the equipment history card file.  Record all maintenance work performed on each piece of equipment, along with the date and other pertinent information.
    2. Develop and follow charts detailing seasonal, periodic, and non-regular maintenance tasks and contract work.  Coordinate the timing and completion of these jobs. 
      • Examples: shut down of air-conditioning system, sprinkler system check, fire extinguisher check, annual bug spraying, etc.
    3. Keep and file all operations manuals, warranties, blueprints, diagrams, etc.
    4. Record and organize other maintenance information at the direction of the supervisor.
    5. Provide completed work orders to the supervisor each day and report on any problems or “break-ins” that prevented scheduled work orders from being completed.



    • Remove snow, as needed.
    • Perform custodial tasks / run errands upon request.
    • Perform other duties and projects as requested by management or to support team members.


  • High school diploma or equivalent required.
  • Two or more years of experience in the maintenance of Mechanical Equipment and/or maintenance-related field required.
  • Two or more years’ experience with Maintenance Engineer responsibility required, preferably in a housing setting.
  • State of MN Special Boilers license or higher.



  • Working knowledge of:
    • plumbing including unclogging drains and toilets, and replacing parts
    • refrigeration/air-conditioning, including trouble-shooting and replacing some parts
    • electrical, including replacing outlets, switches, fixtures and light bulbs
    • appliance repair
    • carpentry
    • sheet-rock repair
    • hanging doors
    • power tools and hand tools normal found in building maintenance
    • HVAC troubleshooting
    • repair of small engines, motors, and pumps
  • Working knowledge of applicable regulations and standards including, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Hazardous Material Regulations (HAZMAT) and the State Health Department.
  • Able to understand and follow facility and department safety and emergency procedures.
  • Able to read, understand and follow directions for safe handling procedures when working with chemicals.  Always maintain proper storage and monitoring of chemicals.  Follow MSDS sheets for all precautions and first aid/emergency as necessary.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Able to work under pressure and within time constraints.
  • Able to provide customer service in a friendly, courteous, flexible and responsible fashion to a diverse group of residents.
  • Detail-oriented, organized and applies effective time management skills in order to meet all deadlines.  Able to successfully prioritize and manage multiple tasks and numerous projects in a fast-paced environment.
  • Familiar with computers and software, including using the Internet, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Smartphone.
  • Able to learn property management software module.
  • Must have valid Driver’s License, carry personal automotive insurance, and have a reliable vehicle to travel to all Minneapolis property locations.
  • Able to perform on-call duties on a rotating basis with other maintenance staff.
  • Able to reach work site within reasonable length of time (~30 minutes).
  • Must be willing carry a cell phone at all times to be reached for emergencies.
  • Able to develop and maintain productive, positive working relationships with other Riverton staff members.
  • Understands confidential nature of organization information and maintains confidences.
  • Perform all functions professionally, treating individuals involved in an assigned task with respect and in a manner, which displays the ability to effectively address issues.
  • Maintain a level of flexibility with all staff, offering assistance to others as assigned or directed.
  • Work effectively and respectfully with individuals without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, status with regard to public assistance, membership or activity in a local commission, disability sex/or age.