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Change of Roommate Process – This is the process Riverton uses when a qualified applicant replaces a current resident on their current lease. This process is also used to add additional roommates to a lease or to release current roommates from their lease.


Sublet Process – This is the process Riverton uses when a qualified applicant temporarily resides in an apartment/unit. This process is used when a current residents leaves the apartment/unit temporarily, but returns and fulfills the remainder of the lease (i.e. a resident studying abroad for a semester).


Both processes required applicants to complete the application and be approved prior to moving in/moving out.


Chateau- Chateau's leasing season is normally around early Spring, with many leases and move ins beginning June 1st. Chateau residents are on a six month lease and then continue on to month to month leases. Their notice to vacate period is 58 days, so many residents will give notice in early spring in order to maintain a move out date that aligns with their class schedules ending in May. There is possibility for sporadic move outs, but it is not guaranteed. Chateau does not have a pre-leasing season in the Fall, like our other properties, due to their leases being Month to Month.


Fourth St, Cole Townhomes, Brook Ave- We have a pre-leasing season starting November/December of each year where we give the option for our residents to give early notice and therefore may have availability starting November/December for the following Summer/Fall. However, the residents at Fourth St, Cole, and Brook have a notice to vacate period of 180 days, so we may or may not have known availability until late January/February, depending on when the leases end. Again, leasing for these properties can be sporadic, but the majority of our leasing season is late fall and late winter.


Marcy Park, Marshall, Franklin- We also have a pre-leasing season for Marcy Park and Marshall that begins in November/December every year, the same as the properties above. However, these properties require only a 58 days notice period, so we may have other units become available in the early/late spring as well. 

You should have received an email from Appfolio our new property management software.  If you did not receive it, please email office@riverton.org

Welcome to our online application process. Please check with us for availability by calling us at 612-331-3911 or using our "Interested in an Apartment" form in the right hand column the website. Once you’ve done so, follow these easy steps:

1: Have you selected your apartment and paid the security deposit?

If NO, please call our Leasing Coordinator at 612-331-3911 and they'll assist you.
If YES, please skip to #3 below.

2: Are you moving in as a new roommate on an existing lease?

If NO, call our office for further help at 612-331-3911 or email us at leasing@riverton.org.
If YES, please skip to #3 below.

3: You can now apply to be a resident! Please reach out to the community manager as they will need to send you a link to the application. Emails can be found on the "Our Team" page

Troy Laumann: Cole Townhomes, Brook Ave, Marcy Park

Nola Howitz: Marshall, Chateau, Fourth St

If you have any questions, please call our office at 612-331-3911. Thank you!

  • Starting November 1st, 2014 security deposits* at all buildings will equal:
    • Studios and 1BRs: $500
    • 2BRs: $750
    • 3BRs and 4BRs: $1000
      *Extra deposit may be requested at discretion of management if any requirements of Resident Selection Criteria are not met. Security deposit amounts are per apartment, not per person. 
  • Cole Townhomes: 2-bedrooms up to four people; 3-bedrooms up to five people.
  • Brook and Fourth Street Co-op: Studios & 1-bedrooms: up to two people; 2-bedrooms: up to four people; 3-bedrooms: up to five people.
  • All other buildings: Studios & 1-bedrooms: up to two people; 2 through 4-bedrooms: up to four people.