Chateau Student Housing Co-op Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter

Check out the latest Chateaut Co-op newsletter for recap of recent events, details for upcoming co-op events, as well as information about happenings within your co-op and community.


Recycling is collected from each floor every week by volunteers on the Chateau's Recycling Committee. The folks on this committee are committed to making sure the recycling program at the Chateau runs smoothly and efficiently. However, this is made difficult if proper recycling rules are not followed. Recently the recycling committee has reported more and more trash and other non-recyclable items being found in the recycling bins on every floor. In order to curb this, the co-op board of directors is contemplating fining floors that are repeat offenders. To avoid possible fines, please follow recycling rules and help the recycling committee in its efforts to make the Chateau green!
The Chateau's washing machines and dryers are leased through a company called BDS. We also have a maintenance contract with them, so please report faulty machines to them right away!
Comcast Services at the Chateau:

As you all know, Comcast cable and Internet service is included in your rent at the Chateau. However, what you may not know is that the Chateau has what's called a "Bulk Contract" with Comcast. This means that while each individual apartment has it's own, separate service, it's all billed through a master contract with The Chateau. This means your co-op is getting a much better deal than if service was purchased individually. However, since there isn't one single connection or signal that everyone shares, it also means that individual service issues must be reported to Comcast by residents of the apartment having the issues. This can be done by calling 1-855-307-4896. Please tell the customer service rep your address and remind them you are a part of a bulk contract. Riverton has a limited ability to deal with individual apartment service issues, but please report building-wide issues to the office if they occur!
AS A REMINDER: Please do not place trash in/around the recycling bins. All trash must be bagged and sent down the trash chutes. Also, cardboard must be flattened and placed in the cardboard bin in the back of the building. Thank you!
Problems with the laundry machines?

If you ever experience problems with any of the washers and dryers on the 18th floor, please contact BDS at 651-688-8000 right away! You can tell them exactly which machine(s) are affected and what the issues are and they will create a work order to come out and fix the problem.

It may be tempting to just ignore the problem and use a different machine instead, but you will be helping out your community much more if you report the problems when you see them. Thank you!
Cable and Internet service is included in your rent! If you ever experience issues with your cable and/or Internet service, you can call Comcast directly at 1-855-307-4896 and they will help you solve the problem.

If you live in a larger apartment (3BR or 4BR especially) you may experience a weak wi-fi signal in the bedrooms farthest from the router. In order to remedy this, please use the ethernet jacks in the bedrooms, or discuss with your roommates about buying a wi-fi signal enhancer to boost the wi-fi signal throughout the apartment.
#StairRepair at The Chateau - thanks to all residents for your patience as the stairs get a well-deserved fresh coat of cement!

Even though the ordinance banning plastic bags was blocked we've still got your back: EARLY NEXT WEEK we will have 300 “Our Co-op Cares” bags ready to give out to co-op residents free of charge. All you need to do is be on the lookout for the email letting you know the bags have arrived and stop by the office at that time to claim your bag!


Food Truck Jam: A joint effort by the your co-op and the Fourth Street Co-op, the Food Truck Jam on Earth Day was a blast! As a low-waste event we diverted several bags of trash from the landfill and into organics recycling.

Cultural Potluck: Residents got together at the end of April and brought homemade cultural dishes to share! Wally's Falafel also catered with some great food.

Coffee and donuts: Board members served coffee and donuts to residents during finals weeks!

6/16, 2pm: Blankets for charity event:
Board members will be making blankets to donate to a local homeless shelter. It will take place in the Riverton conference room on the lobby floor, all residents welcome to participate!

6/25, 7pm: June board of directors meeting
Among other things, the board will be discussing the co-op's operating budget for fiscal year 2018. There is a 3% revenue increase proposed in the current draft budget - all residents are welcome to provide input and/or be involved in the discussion! Will take place in the Riverton conference room on the lobby floor.
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That's it for this edition of The Chateau Co-op newsletter! Have a great summer!