Fourth Street Co-op Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter

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Organics recycling coming soon!

Recently your board of directors voted to start organics recycling at your co-op! This means that soon you will be able to collect your food waste (and some paper products) to be recycled instead of going to the landfill.

The board applied for, and received, a grant from Hennepin County for almost $3,000 to purchase new organics recycling bins for the trash rooms, as well as smaller compost bins and bags for every apartment! When the new bins arrive the board will conduct informational tabling to educate residents about the new organics recycling program.
Organics recycling will be coming to your building soon! Stay tuned for more information and education sessions from the board!
Speaking of recycling...

Recently the board made a change to how recycling is collected in the building. Prior to this change our contract cleaner emptied the recycling bins everyday, which kept the trash rooms clean and made sure the recycling bins were never overflowing. However, in order to free him up to tackle other things within the building, as well as enable the co-op to have resident control over recycling collection, a recycling committee was started to takeover this process. It took a bit to figure out the best times and days to collect the recycling, but we now have two residents on the committee and the recycling collection should be smoothed out through the rest of the summer.
AS A REMINDER: Please do not place trash in/around the recycling bins. All trash must be bagged and sent down the trash chutes (or taken down to the trash room). Thank you!

Spring crafts & cookies event: Residents got together in March to make cookies and co-op crafts and decorate the lobby!

Food Truck Jam: A joint effort by the Chateau and your co-op, the Food Truck Jam on Earth Day was a blast! As a low-waste event we diverted several bags of trash from the landfill and into organics recycling.

6/25, 4pm: June board of directors meeting in lobby conference room. All residents welcome!

All residents are invited to co-op outdoor movie night & (Izzy's) ice cream social in the courtyard!
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Even though the ordinance banning plastic bags was blocked we've still got your back: In about a week we will have 300 “Our Co-op Cares” bags ready to give out to co-op residents free of charge. All you need to do is be on the lookout for the email letting you know the bags have arrived and stop by the office at that time to claim your bag!
That's it for this edition of the Fourth Street Co-op newsletter! Have a great summer!