Marcy Park Student Housing Co-op Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter

Check out the latest Marcy Park Co-op newsletter for recap of recent events, details for upcoming co-op events, as well as information about happenings within your co-op and community.

Marcy Park Co-op Comcast Services

As you all know, Comcast cable and Internet service is included in your rent. However, what you may not know is that the co-op has what's called a "Bulk Contract" with Comcast. This means that while each individual apartment has it's own, separate service, it's all billed through a master contract with your co-op. This means your co-op is getting a much better deal than if service was purchased individually. However, since there isn't one single connection or signal that everyone shares, it also means that individual service issues must be reported to Comcast by residents of the apartment having the issues. This can be done by calling 1-855-307-4896. Please tell the customer service rep your address and remind them you are a part of a bulk contract. Riverton has a limited ability to deal with individual apartment service issues, but please report building-wide issues to the office if they occur!
Problems with the laundry machines?

The Marcy Park Co-op board is looking into repeated issues with one of the 1000 building washing machines. In the meantime, if you ever experience problems with any of the washers and/or dryers, please contact BDS at 651-688-8000 right away! You can tell them exactly which machine(s) are affected and what the issues are and they will create a work order to come out and fix the problem.

The co-op's washing machines and dryers are leased through a company called BDS. We also have a maintenance contract with them, so please report faulty machines to them right away!  It may be tempting to just ignore the problem and use a different machine instead, but you will be helping out your community much more if you report the problems when you see them. Thank you!
It's Bicycling Season!

Have you utilized the MN Nice Ride station on 7th Street yet? If not, it's in a great location super convenient to our residents! Check it out!
Parking Violations

The board has a new email address to report parking violations to: New signs will replacing the current ones soon to reflect this change.
8th St Resurfacing Project

Work has started on the resurfacing of 8th St SE from 15th Ave SE to Central Ave NE. Eventually this work will affect the 1000 building parking lot, cutting off access to the lot as well as parking on 8th St for a few days. As of right now we do not know when that will be, but keep an eye out for notices about this in the near future.

For more info check out the city's website:
New fence! A much needed improvement to the grounds happened recently with the installation of the new fence on the in between the 700 building parking lot and the neighboring apartment building.

Even though the ordinance banning plastic bags was blocked we've still got your back: We have 300 “Our Co-op Cares” bags ready to give out to co-op residents free of charge. All you need to do is stop by the Riverton office during office hours to claim your bag!


S'mores and Giant Jenga: The co-op has recently held events utilizing the fire pit, new camping chairs, and of course Giant Jenga! Don't miss the next event at the end of the month - come and show off your Jenga skills!

6/30, 7:30pm: Fireworks and s'mores!
Join your neighbors in the 1000 building parking lot to enjoy s'mores, bonfire and fireworks!

7/23, 6pm: July board of directors meeting
Among other things, the board will be discussing the co-op's operating budget for fiscal year 2018. There is a 1.5% revenue increase proposed in the current draft budget - all residents are welcome to provide input and/or be involved in the discussion! Will take place in the 700 building board room (connected to the laundry room).
(Click image for more info from
Have any ideas/questions/comments/concerns for the board of directors? You can contact them via!
That's it for this edition of The Marcy Park Co-op newsletter! Have a great summer!