Marshall Co-op garden crew hard at work getting things ready to be planted earlier this Spring!

Marshall Student Housing Co-op Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter

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Did you know?

The TV in the community room has a Roku installed? You can watch Netflix and access other video streaming services via this TV.

Don't worry that the Netflix account says "Chateau Co-op", you share an account with The Chateau :)


Did you know your co-op has it's very own free library? It's in the laundry room on the wall opposite the laundry machines.

Don't hesitate to take a book and/or leave a book!
It's Gardening Season!

The co-op board gardening crew has been hard at work updating the garden beds and planting veggies! This is a community garden so feel free to plant things of your own and/or take veggies when they are ready!
Mural ideas wanted! The Marshall Co-op board wants to paint a mural on this largely blank wall in the community room. Do you have ideas on what could be painted there? Are you (or anyone you know) artistically-inclined? The board would love your input! Come to the next board meeting or email with suggestions!

Even though the ordinance banning plastic bags was blocked we've still got your back: We have 300 “Our Co-op Cares” bags ready to give out to co-op residents free of charge. All you need to  stop by the office to claim your bag!


Garden planting day: The co-op gardening crew built up the cedar fencing around the beds to keep the bunnies out, raked and planted grass seed, reoriented some of the beds, and planted veggies earlier this Spring! Check out the video above!

6/27, 4pm: June board of directors meeting
Among other things, the board will be discussing the co-op's operating budget for fiscal year 2018. There is a 3% revenue increase proposed in the current draft budget - all residents are welcome to provide input and/or be involved in the discussion! Will take place in the community room connected to the laundry room.
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That's it for this edition of The Marshall Co-op newsletter! Have a great summer!